The Online Application Process

Q. How long does it take to complete the online application process? Typically, the process should take roughly 10 minutes.

Q. What if I do not have access to a computer? You can submit the application from a mobile device or you can contact the school for assistance.

Q. Is there another way of submitting an application other than online? No, a paper application is not available. If you do not have access to a digital device you may bring all the required documentation to the school and they will provide you with a computer to submit the application.

Q. Once I've submitted the application electronically, how will I know that the submission is successful? Once the application is completed online, you will receive a generated message based on the email address you provided when you created an account.

Q. Should I allow anyone else to use my account? It is the user's responsibility to protect the integrity of any information entered in the system. This includes but is not limited to passwords or personal information about you or your child. You must also agree not to share your login information or password with anyone except a parent or legal guardian.

Q. My account has been disabled because I've attempted to login too many times. Should I set up another account? No. You must call the Office for an administrator to assist you.

Q. What happens if my contact information changes ? It is the parent's responsibility to update their contact information. Parents will not be contacted by mail or phone for acceptance to the school.

Selection Process

Q. Are students selected based on a first-come, first-serve process?

Union Elementary STEAM and Deomstration School: All eligible applications submitted by the application deadline will be entered into the lottery. Students are selected based on pre-defined, Board-approved criteria (if applicable) such as: sibling and staff priorities. At this time there are no available spots for new students. All students participating in the lottery for grades 1st-5th grade will be placed on a waitlist.

Merrol Hyde Magnet School: All eligible students that have met the application deadline will be registered for an academic screening assessment. After screenings have taken place, those students that have scored at or above the 85th percentile in reading, language/writing, and math will be eligible to participate in the lottery. All students are selected and placed on the waitlist based on pre-defined criteria, such as siblings first. At this time there are no available spots for new students. All students participating in the lottery for grades 1st-12th grade will be placed on a waitlist.

Q. How is the lottery conducted? The lottery is conducted in accordance with pre approved guidelines. The online system generates the list of applicants that are to be awarded seats and an ordered wait list.

Q. When will parents be notified if they are selected to participate in a program? Parents will receive notification by email if their child has been selected once the lottery has been completed.

Q. What if my child is not selected for the initial lottery process? Once the initial emails have been sent to those students who are accepted, parents must accept the seat and/or participate in a screening process. Once vacancies become available, students in the waiting pool will be offered seats using the selection process.

What are the Sumner County Schools of Choice & VPK?

Sumner County is proud to offer two public schools with distinctively different programs.

Merrol Hyde Magnet is an academic magnet school with competitive entry requirements. Their program is based on the Paideia philosophy of educating the whole child (body, mind, and spirit) and also emphasizes foreign languages. Rigor and challenge at an accelerated pace are expected and embedded in the curriculum.

Union Elementary STEAM and Demonstration School is an innovative STEAM school that uses an alternative school calendar allowing students a two week fall and spring break each year. Union has a specialized learning focus built around Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Having an innovative setting, the school focuses on the STEAM skills and knowledge required in each discipline. The STEAM curriculum is an interdisciplinary and applied approach that uses hands-on, problem-based learning.

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten: Planting Seeds for Future Success!

The Voluntary Pre-kindergarten program is a state-funded readiness program for at-risk children 3 and 4 years of age August 15. Priority is given to eligible 4-year-olds first. “At risk” is defined by the state as economically disadvantaged. Due to state funding, there are limited classrooms available in Sumner County, and priority placement is given to economically disadvantaged families or children who have lost a parent due to war. Other “at-risk” factors that may be used to determine eligibility include, but are not limited to English as a second language, foster care, social-emotional behaviors, and family/environmental factors. The Voluntary Pre-K program provides a foundation for learning and a successful transition to the school environment.